And the winner is…. Tokio Hotel ! (MAD TEEN ICON 2011)

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And the winner is…. Tokio Hotel ! (MAD TEEN ICON 2011)

Mensaje por Domino_Kaulitz el Miér Mayo 04, 2011 7:46 pm

Completed the final of MAD TEEN ICON 2011 by Mentos 3!, that through public vote, and more! – revealed for the first time this year the most youthful image for 2011 !

Through a special Teen Icon Final Show, which aired on MAD TV and the Mad Radio 106,2, and presenter puberty Adamou, announced the 10 artists who best assist you with your vote.

And the final ten in order of votes are … (silence):

10. Jonas Brothers
09. Pink
08. Miley Cyrus
07. Britney Spears
06. Jared Leto
05. Rihanna
04. Robert Pattinson
03. Lady Gaga
02. Justin Bieber
01. Tokio Hotel


Tokio Hotel, is on top of your preferences, so are your favorite image – is a Mad Teen Icon 2011!

Thank you for your participation! Winner of the Mentos 3 with the trip to London is Nike Kalathas.


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