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Mensaje por Domino_Kaulitz el Miér Mayo 04, 2011 7:50 pm

If ‘Cinderella’ was written today, she would be born in Germany and wear 42nd size of shoes… And she would actually be ‘Cinderel’ (a guy). Because, in spite of his androgyny, Bill Kaulitz is obviously a guy. Formerly, in 2005 people often mistook him for a girl, but thоse times have passed. T-shirts with rebellious inscriptions were replaced by brand shirts, and Bill himself with his twin brother Tom has turned from unknown teenager into a world star. At that time they couldn’t imagine that in a little while they would not able to go out without being followed by security, stalkers and paparazzi.

All this stuff has begun in such a touching way : 4 german teenagers were moving hard to their dream in spite of its impossibility. Their song «Durch Den Monsun» («Through the Monsoon ») has blown German Charts up, and then all German-speaking European ones. But the most incredible fact is that it reached CIS and went over big.

We could certainly write the whole ode to their music only, written by Kaulitz twins –the founders of the band – in collaboration with their producers, but there is a topic much more interesting, to be exact, sensation that was created around them.

Albums, music videos, tours – everything undoubtedly played a role in success of Tokio Hotel, but the image is important, and with the right method of approach it will make a good result. There is no doubt that romantic image mixed with androgyny beauty of the frontman broke a lot of female’s (ok, may be male’s as well!) hearts. And if we add to this a charming smile of the bad-boy-guitarist and two typical german guys Georg and Gustav (bass player and drummer), we will get the cocktail for everyone, one sip is enough. Managers of the band have been preparing a destructive blow by releasing of their child.



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