Press conference with TH (Russia) 3/06/2011

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Press conference with TH (Russia) 3/06/2011

Mensaje por Domino_Kaulitz el Vie Jun 03, 2011 4:07 pm

At first, Bill told the reporters at the press conference:
We took a small break but we’re surprised that so many Russian fans are waiting for us.

Do you know some Russian songs?
Bill: ‘Kalinka Malinka’? No, we don’t know any Russian songs but we promise that we’ll learn one.

What do you think of your fans that are copying your style?
Bill: Never even thought or dreamt about it. Now I can’t stop surprising. It’s a big honor for me. The other day, I saw girls that looked like me. It was weird.

You live in the U.S. now. What do you miss of your country?
Bill: We feel completely different in LA. We can go to a supermarket and buy our favourite yogurt, we couldn’t do that in Germany, there always were lots of fans around.


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