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Mensaje por Domino_Kaulitz el Mar Jun 28, 2011 3:52 pm

Big in Japan! Tokio Hotel for the first time in Tokyo! Screaming fans and a High-Heel -Appearance in Tokyo! Who has copied here from whom? Soon in Punkt 6…
Wolfram: Let’s change the flag for a moment, in a white one with a red point. At the weekend there was finally once again a great performance by Tokio Hotel. Where was it?
Vanessa: Yes, unfortunately far away from the German fans, in Tokyo at the MTV Music Aid Awards. This is a fundraiser for the victims of the earthquake.
Angela: What was going on there and why the appearance was a bit “gaga”, Gaby Wand knows it…
Finally they are back live on stage. Tokio Hotel rocks. But far away in Tokyo, where they played at a benefit-concert for the victims of the earthquake. Tokio Hotel in Tokyo – for the first time ever. It’s for sure not only because of the name, that there is already Japanese screaming-alert at the airport.
Bill: “I’m excited, they are all screaming and the crowd is amazing. We’re definitely totally excited tonight.”
But at first a little sightseeing-tour for the German band. Up and down on Tokyo’s hip shopping-mile…
Bill: “It’s so awesome here. I don’t want to leave ever again. The guys are so stylish here.”
Tom: “Yes.”
Bill: “It’s unreal here…before I thought L.A. was the place to shop.”
Maybe it’s because of the stage fright before the big show, in any way especially the twins are pretty hyper in the evening.
Tom: “Stop talking rubbish or I’ll come over.”
Bill: “Are you nuts – you put it right here.”
Tom: “So why didn’t you sign it then?”
However, on the red carpet you feel nothing from it anymore. Bill – from head to toe in leather and with murder-high-heels. Unknown is, who took whom as a fashion-idol. Even though Lady Gaga draw the attention with ultra-high shoes and leather-outfit and proves, that she still has the perspective even with closed eyes. She also performed at the evening for the good cause. Bill prefers to rock in a fur coat, but with a new gel-hairdo. But one thing is for sure, beside Lady Gaga, Tokio Hotel were the highlight of the evening. Tokio Hotel are simply stars in Tokyo.
Angela: They were not for the first time in Tokyo. Do they like it there better than in Germany now or will they finally come back to us again?
Vanessa: No, they moved to Los Angeles to work on their new record and have a self imposed stage ban for this time, no interviews, nothing. That was only for a good cause. And we have to say, no other international star, except Lady Gaga, has dared to go there because of the radioactive rays. So hats off to the guys and Lady Gaga, they rock Tokyo.

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